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Leonie Bell_Exponential 2021_October Pro

Einst träumte ich von dir:

A Maybe-Myth of Runny Nuns

OR Once, I Dreamed of You:

A Maybe-Myth of Runny Nuns

Leonie Bell

January 13 @ 9:30pm

via The Exponential YouTube Page

on a split bill with Nic Adams + Lee Rayment’s "‘Stiff Drink!?’ with Dr. Eustice Sissy (Psy.D.), presents: 'Corona Cam Show'"

Today or was it yesterday’s dream: a mumbling, grumbling jumble of nuns reconvenes to save something: the plague-ridden plum tree out front, their soggy attitudes, themselves?

Created by Leonie Bell with LOCAL GRANDMA

An interstitial attempt to grieve our way through the negative spaces we cannot touch; dirty ditties, ritual jigs, and sympathy pains echo through this decrepit structure.

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