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Enter Porter

Sanaz Ghajar

January 27 @ 8pm

via The Exponential YouTube Page

on a split bill with Ben Holbrook’s Theatre Immaterial

*a poor adaptation of Macbeth about being drunk and in love*

Directed & Developed by Sanaz Ghajar⁠
Text by Jessica Almasy⁠ ⁠
Composed by Chad Raines⁠
⁠⁠Featuring Sanaz Ghajar (face) + Admiral Grey (voice)
Dramaturgy by Greg Lipson
Additional Support by Dave Tennent 

WARNING - ENTER PORTER may contain flashing lights or images which may induce epilitec seizures. If you experience dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, blindness, disorientation, involuntary muscle movements or convulsions while watching please discontinue immediately and consult your doctor. 


Sanaz Ghajar is an Iranian-American writer, director, curator, and DJ whose work has been described as “ambitiously subversive” and “unapologetically experimental” (Time Out NY). She starts each project from an emotional rather than dramaturgical point of intrigue.The shape of her work changes radically project by project, with a consistent focus on alternative structures guided by image and sound. Described as having a “deft directorial touch” (Culturebot), she has developed work nationally and internationally with with Prague Film & Theater Center, Red House Center for Culture & Debate in Bulgaria, BRIC Arts | Media House, New York Goldex Poldex Gallery in Poland, and others.


Jessica Almasy has a definitive interest in new work, radical adaptation, conceptual translations, and the collision of intimacy and estrangement. she recently completed a 15 year run with the TEAM, a devising company she co founded out of NYU that makes prescient / historically revisionist plays about “America.” she earned her MFA from Brooklyn College alongside beautiful writers such as Kate Benson, Haruna Lee, and William Burke. she has recorded over 300 audiobooks and is proud to be a member of the Star Wars legacy in that respect. Jessica lives on a barrier island 90 miles south of New York with her 7 year old son, a lizard named Blue, and her future chihuahua (manifest it). she is baseline grateful to be alive, surviving the Pandemic. 


Chad Raines is a Texas native composer, performer and sound designer. He became involved in Theater after moving to New Haven??? and was accepted into the Yale School of Drama after being hired to compose and perform in productions there. Subsequently he has scored and designed a forgotten number of productions and has toured the world extensively with a few rock groups. In short, he has somehow earned a decent albeit not always respectable living making music for some amount of years. Now you can find him working as an arborist felling trees near Woodstock, NY.

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