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Exponential Variety #3

at Para\\el

January 11 @ 7pm

Featuring, in no particular order:

Live Collaging The Futuristic Black Utopian Space Mermaid Mood Board

by Damali Abrams

"I am a shiny gold mermaid creating a collage in front of an audience, that consists of many Black mermaids (the collage not necessarily the audience), and projected onto me and the piece as I perform is a video playlist of works by artists that (according to me) fit into the categories of Black Utopia or Black Futurism."

...when the water is all around

by Stephanie Beattie, Laura Perez-Harris, Kate Mohanty

"A piece about meeting, being & dancing with your demons."


by Tina Wang

"Covered in calamine lotion, I use sculptural movements and pink beauty products in shedding the anxiety of fitting into a perfect mold."

Untitled (Cruelty)

by Ivana Larrosa

"I investigate the impact of space in the construction of the self and the ways of seeing in relation to the car accident that left me with permanent double vision since 2002."

Inquiries, directions, or RSVPs, email: 

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