Gay Hour of Boundless-wonders
I’m Going to Marry Your Dad and Miss Lady Salad

at The Brick

January 26-28 @ 8pm

Performance artists, meme-makers, and amicable trolls I’m Going to Marry Your Dad and Miss Lady Salad (Shawn Escarciga) have had enough of trying to fit in–they just want to be normal!

What starts out as a razzle dazzle of (normal) characters and tomfoolery is derailed when the Corporate Gays catch wind of their efforts to fit into the (normal) world, demanding that these two silly geese process their internal trauma and throw an absolutely perfect circuit party within the hour. Will the two of them have what it takes to follow the tenants of the Corporate Gays and throw the most epic circuit party in the world? Will their series of multi-media alt-comedy escapades–ripe with satire and song and maybe a run in with Marina Abramovic and the liminal specters of their moms–be enough to bring them into the good graces of the normal gays?

Created by and starring: I’m Going to Marry Your Dad and Miss Lady Salad (Shawn Escarciga) Video work: Eric Vitale

Formal Diagnoses: DSM-5

Join them for Gay Variety of Boundless-wonders–a jubilant variety hour bridging their internet and performance practices together for an hour that is full of variety, vulnerability, and triumph over normalcy.


I’m Going to Marry Your Dad and Miss Lady Salad met on the dregs of the internet only to become IRL co-conspirators and collaborators, making work alongside each other at spaces like The Brick Theater, Life World, AptParty and across the Internet. Bridging their diverse performance, theater and dance backgrounds, the two bring a unique satirical edge to their biting and cheeky take on comedy.


I’m Going To Marry Your Dad (Xalvador) is a performance artist/satirist/meme step-parent based in Brooklyn, previous work includes Bernie Sanders Wants To Take Away My Fire Island Time Share - a gay fantasia on national themes (Exponential Festival), a presentation of memes and mental health at Taffe Gallery (where they displayed every single meme they ever made) and host/curator/co-creator of Seize The Memes of Production, the original meme making game show. Their performance work has been presented at The Glove and the Brick Theatre in Brooklyn, No Nation Arts Lab in Chicago. Xalvador is also a founding member of the experimental performance collective I Don’t Wanna See That.


Miss Lady Salad (Shawn Escarciga) is an artist, organizer and administrator whose works intersect performance, memes, community-building, and push-back against gatekeeping. Shawn’s work has been seen throughout galleries, museums, sex parties, and DIY spaces throughout New York City (Exponential Festival, Panoply Performance Lab, The Ear, Glasshouse ArtLifeLab, Queens Museum, MIX NYC, Triskelion, Grace Exhibition Space, Chinatown Soup, The Clemente, Real Estate Fine Art, Inferno, etc.), domestically (Boston, Chicago, Lexington, New Orleans, Miami, Fayetteville), and abroad (Berlin and London).

Image credit: Shawn Escarciga

Content Warning: Fog