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We Live to Die: The Grieving Widows Club
Leonie Bell with LOCAL GRANDMA

on The Exponential Festival YouTube Page

January 31 @ 8pm ET

A mini-series created by Leonie Bell with LOCAL GRANDMA


Premiering EPISODE ONE on January 31st




a show 

but it’s just a bunch of maids and widows

biding their time 

til closing




there’s a community theater for maids

and a weekly grieving widows club 


attendees do their best

to outweep & outwail & 

lest I forget the gambling -

outbet each other 


but forget not Winnie and Fridoline, two maids 

at the end of their rope 

(Winnie is most mad

she loves to mope)


vignettes of chaos, clout, and 

considerations of murder

doubtful ditties & jokes


join us for this

confusion of sorts,

this misunderstanding that’s gone awry.

Don’t forget your local grandma! 

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