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How To Sing: A Survival Guide

Chris Ignacio

January 22 @ 8pm

via The Exponential YouTube Page

on a split bill with Darian Dauchan’s Lift Off

5 Lessons for the Road, on Singing and Surviving.

Created by Chris Ignacio

 I’ve spent the past few years teaching and making music with kids. I wanted to collaborate with kids because I was curious as to how they would influence my own singing voice, which is a voice I’ve been shaping and sculpting for several years. 


My mother was also a singer. I say “was” even though she’s still alive, because after she left her life in the Philippines to come to America, her singing quickly faded away. She also loves road trips.


So, continuing the curriculum here, I’ve laid out 5 lessons for the road that I use when making music with kids, which might also be thought of as general lessons for surviving. My mother’s voice survives in me, and this is my attempt at singing the songs she never did. 

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