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Sarah Krasnow and James Ilgenfritz

at Honey's

January 4 and 5

Doors @ 8pm

Performance @ 8:30pm

"Fake it til you make it?"  More like, "If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail."  Or even, "If you fail to over-prepare, you prepare to over-fail!"  Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all took this advice? We think so, and we are so over-preparing this grab-bag evening of song, dance, talking, hesitation, and avant-garde jazz that it will be perfect.   But if it's not, it's because we didn't have enough time to make it better.


James Ilgenfritz

Sarah Krasnow

Josh Sinton

Through multiple genres and forms, from avant-garde theater to musical comedy to TV commercials, Knacked is a, a peek, an attempt to explore the vulnerability, instability, unpredictability, and general mutability of being a performer and/or a human. If you don't like it, we're sorry, but today we can't do life, we can't adult, we can't even, we just can't.

Tickets are $10 cash only at the door.

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