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DESIRE/REVILE: a performance workshop with Lorene Bouboushian

January 29th from 2:30-4:40pm


Workshop at The Glove

Facebook Event here

DESIRE/REVILE: a performance workshop


For anyone interested in performing, artists or non, all warped beings welcome (this is an intentionally, radically open space).

For anyone who wants to create a realm outside of culturally constructed notions of normalcy, value, performance, art objects.


For 2 hours, we will explore ways of tapping into creative living and literally creating a context for what could happen together: a space for the uncomfortable to arise and bring about the new.


Beginning with imaginative visualizations of the body, then moving onto accessible and playful work with voice, movement, and objects, we will work together to build a performative, reflexive environment of no-holds-barredness...holding space for each other along the way.


*This workshop employs a specific slant towards investigating desire and revulsion. Here's why:

As an interdisciplinary, improvisational performer and workshop facilitator, I am captivated by the underlying motives for any action. In workshops and lab-based environments, often it is assumed that we should follow our “interests” or “intentions,” when in fact our in-the-moment actions are a result not of clear-cut decisions but our relationship to the organism of bodies, room and objects around us colliding with what’s inside us. What do we want and why? What if we derailed ourselves, worked with our own insincerity, faked ourselves out, played tricks? Is it possible to create a realm where as much as possible is valid and nothing is right?


Bring comfortable clothes, an object you would like to play with and can share, and writing materials. Please plan to stay the entire 2 hours.


about lorene:

Lorene Bouboushian is also performing in the Exponential Festival. She is a performance artist and educator originally from rural Texas, who utilizes "self-exposure and vulnerability in real, risky ways" [CultureBot, 2011] and produces “thought-provoking commentary on social limits” [Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2016].

photo by Patrick Burgoyne

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