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Cristina Pitter + Serena Miller, Adam Endres, Patrick Scorese, Ethan Gould, and Tinuade Oyelowo

Exponential Variety #1

January 21 - 22 @ 8pm

Alexandra Tatarsky

AMERICANA PSYCHOBABBLE (or, my favorite way to die, right now, in this room)

January 23 - 24 @ 8pm

Cristina Pitter + Serena Miller, Adam Endres, José Rivera Jr., Annie Horner, and Rebecca Sylvia Posner

Exponential Variety #2

January 28 - 29 @ 8pm

Sally Horowitz

Sex in Mechanicalville

January 30 - 31 @ 8pm

Members of The Bohemian Grove present: The Glove. The Glove is an experimental venue, theater, gallery, and multimedia studio space. 

Located in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

For more info on The Glove, visit The Glove Facebook Page

Inquiries, directions, or RSVPs, email:

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