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Sex in Mechanicalville (2).jpg

Sex in Mechanicalville

Sally Horowitz

at The Glove

January 30 - 31 @ 8pm

Book and Direction: Sally Horowitz

Cast: Devin Finley

Arielle Gadd Sarnoff

Sally Horowitz

Eric James Yankus Franco

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Stage Management: J. Nguyen

Set Design: Zeno Ben-Amotz

Light Design: Valeria Divinorum

Music and Sound: Club Supplication

Photography: Rachel Duarte

Makeup Artist: Meagan Coyle

Graphic Design: Eva Imber


Sex in Mechanicalville is a dystopian musical based on performance artist Sally Horowitz's character S. the Supplicant. Drawing from Greek tragedy, the films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder and the writings of Stanislaw Lem and Carl Jung, Sex in Mechanicalville is a psychosexual exploration of technology and identity in the age of digital reproduction. it's a shocking tale synced to the slightly-too-fast pulse of it's nu-disco soundtrack (available via Nicey Music) and offering a zoomed all-the-way-out perspective on the “human" condition. Sex, simulation, dystopia and disco; like dancing on a volcano.

Inquiries, directions, or RSVPs, email:

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