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Exponential Variety #2

Cristina Pitter + Serena Miller, Adam Endres, José Rivera Jr., Annie Horner, and Rebecca Sylvia Posner

at The Glove

January 28 - 29 @ 8pm

A variety show featuring Exponential artists presenting pleasurable, thrilling, messy, dreamy new short works.

Jan 28 Artists

Adam Endres

José Rivera Jr.

Annie Horner

Rebecca Sylvia Posner

Jan 29 Artists

Cristina Pitter + Serena Miller

José Rivera Jr.

Annie Horner

Rebecca Sylvia Posner

Inquiries, directions, or RSVPs, email:

Credits + Blurbs

cracking open

By Cristina Pitter and Serena Miller


cracking open is a story about cosmic connections and the bittersweet brutality of love. With poetry written by Cristina Pitter and live cello by Serena Miller, cracking open explores the imprints a soul can leave, the exhilarations and exhaustions of intimacy, and how to restring a heart to play again. Does it play again?


Photo/Drawing by Sam Horvath


How to Have Fun While Still Hating the World

By Adam Endres


Are you fed up with the world? Has love got you down? Do politics piss you off? Is everything around you a shitshow? Do you fucking hate yourself? Have no fear! You can still have fun amidst all this trash and garbage! Be taken on a step by step process to fully immerse yourself into the pain and come out a new and improved person ready for fun and joy! Do you have to give up your disdain and negativity? Hell no! In fact you will learn to lean into the darkness and find the true meaning of life.



Language never dies inside her mouth

songs and animations • adaptated from Sylvia Plath’s Ariel

created and performed by Rebecca Sylvia Posner


Sylvia Plath’s final poems are repossessed by song, and we all become divers in the strange and playful corners of Plath’s own heights and depths. Her poems are ever-living channels, activated here through one artist’s voice, electronic sound and projected images.



LQQK, The Way I Look

Featuring José Rivera Jr. (New Museum, YouTube), Breeanah Breeden (Proteo Media), and Benedict Nguyen (Whitney, Issue Project Room).

LQQK, The Way I Look is the premiere concert performance of the music from José Rivera Jr's debut EP of the same name. Stereotypes of masculinity and the illusion of “fitting in” metamorphose as style, still and moving image, dance, and music move toward a queer future for all.

José Rivera Jr. is a vocalist, choreographer, and video artist.  José is creating his first visual EP entitled "LQQK," which will have components for both stage and screen.


Photo by Tiye Rose Hood


Banigold II

By Annie Horner


Marley Mcdonald, Heather Ann Hudgins, MJ Wiesberg, Lucy Hollier


The second iteration of the surreptitious trash puppet show, Banigold drags us into a sensory complication chamber determined to override the sense of self. The interchangeable, and totally devoted, sextet of puppets and puppeteers are stranded on the airstrip of death itself and must choose whether to ride that bucking bronco into the mighty sky or hold onto the shopping bags of life. This hybrid puppet-video performance lazily examines stoic philosophy and is live scored by Lucy Hollier & co. with original animations from Unimercial Studios.

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