Banigold II

Annie Horner

at The Glove

January 28 - 29 @ 8pm* 

By Annie Horner


Marley Mcdonald, Heather Ann Hudgins, MJ Wiesberg, Lucy Hollier


The second iteration of the surreptitious trash puppet show, Banigold drags us into a sensory complication chamber determined to override the sense of self. The interchangeable, and totally devoted, sextet of puppets and puppeteers are stranded on the airstrip of death itself and must choose whether to ride that bucking bronco into the mighty sky or hold onto the shopping bags of life. This hybrid puppet-video performance lazily examines stoic philosophy and is live scored by Lucy Hollier & co. with original animations from Unimercial Studios.

* Banigold II will share a bill as part of Exponential Variety 2, featuring Exponential artists presenting  pleasurable, thrilling, messy, dreamy new short works.

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