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Exponential Variety #1

Cristina Pitter + Serena Miller, Adam Endres, Patrick Scorese, Ethan Gould, and Tinuade Oyelowo

at The Glove

January 21 - 22 @ 8pm

A variety show featuring Exponential artists presenting pleasurable, thrilling, messy, dreamy new short works.

Jan 21 Artists

Adam Endres

Patrick Scorese

Ethan Gould

Tinuade Oyelowo

Jan 22 Artists

Cristina Pitter + Serena Miller

Patrick Scorese

Ethan Gould

Tinuade Oyelowo

Inquiries, directions, or RSVPs, email:

Credits + Blurbs

Cracking Open

By Cristina Pitter and Serena Miller


cracking open is a story about cosmic connections and the bittersweet brutality of love. With poetry written by Cristina Pitter and live cello by Serena Miller, cracking open explores the imprints a soul can leave, the exhilarations and exhaustions of intimacy, and how to restring a heart to play again. Does it play again?


How to Have Fun While Still Hating the World

By Adam Endres


Are you fed up with the world? Has love got you down? Do politics piss you off? Is everything around you a shitshow? Do you fucking hate yourself? Have no fear! You can still have fun amidst all this trash and garbage! Be taken on a step by step process to fully immerse yourself into the pain and come out a new and improved person ready for fun and joy! Do you have to give up your disdain and negativity? Hell no! In fact you will learn to lean into the darkness and find the true meaning of life.



Pasty: A Pale Ghost Story

Created and executed by Patrick Scorese.

Music by Howie Kenty aka Hwarg.


Pasty is a bizarre and spooky tale about recurring spectres of quotidian oppression on the verge of bursting apart like sickly marshmallow peeps performing their final death spins in the great American microwave.



The Air-Sea Interface

by Ethan Gould


An impossible coast along a brackish inlet. A handheld game passed between furtive travelers until its power source rusts. A family of sorts, on a journey to research an impossible species, whose bodies are composed of anything reanimate.


Blending video, puppetry and the spoken words of an international team of contributors, Maresia The Air-Sea Interface is an impression of travel between the nature of places and things, when their ecologies defy reason.  


Ethan Gould is an artist and performer living in Brooklyn. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts  Visual Narrative program, Ethan cares about interdisciplinary art, the nature of labor, and minds both human and otherwise.




Tinuade Oyelowo is a multidisciplinary artist. She centers her work around social justice issues in and around race, gender, political oppression, environmental deterioration, and classism.  With every project she begins with a series of open ended questions that guide her into her creative platform. Tinuade's goal is to create and communicate her visions with same perplexity she is haunted with. She has obtained a B.F.A in Theatre with an emphasis in original works from Cornish College of the Arts and a M.F.A from Brooklyn College’s PIMA (Performance and Interactive and Media Arts) Graduate Program. Collaboratively she has worked with the brand Dear Kate on their “The Perfect Body Campaign”, and one of the oldest public gardens in New York located on 6th and Ave. B as part of a public art piece. She has shown her work at Trestle Gallery, Clemente Soto Vélez Gallery, 7 Dunham Gallery, Art@Renaissance Gallery, Recession Art Gallery, Bushwick Open Studios, and Vital Joint. In 2015 she was one of ten Artist and Residents at the Wassaic Project for the month of April. She has worked with Repertory companies such as Court Theater, Silk Road Theater Project, Milwaukee Repertory Company, Bread and Puppet Theater Company, and Seattle Repertory Company.  She has also worked as an educator for the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and guest professorship at Adelphi University. Tinuade now melds her past theatrical and performance art background in with her obsession for environmental visual art and installation based work.

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