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Maresia The Air-Sea Interface

Ethan Gould

at The Glove

January 21 - 22 @ 8pm* 

Created and performed by Ethan Gould

An impossible coast along a brackish inlet. A handheld game passed between furtive travelers until its power source rusts. A family of sorts, on a journey to research an impossible species, whose bodies are composed of anything reanimate.

Blending video, puppetry and the spoken words of an international team  of contributors, Maresia The Air-Sea Interface is an impression of travel between the nature of places and things, when their ecologies defy reason.  

Ethan Gould is an artist and performer living in Brooklyn. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts Visual Narrative program, Ethan cares about interdisciplinary art, the nature of labor, and minds both human and otherwise.

* Maresia The Air-Sea Interface will share a bill as part of Exponential Variety 1, featuring Exponential artists presenting  pleasurable, thrilling, messy, dreamy new short works.

Inquiries, directions, or RSVPs, email:

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