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9. LuckyStar by Pioneers Go East Collect

Lucky Star: superstar

Pioneers Go East Collective

January 21 @ 8pm

via The Exponential YouTube Page

What does it take to be a star?
A Meta creative journey

LUCKY STAR: superstar

Film by Pioneers Go East Collective

premieres at The Exponential Festival 2021

Featuring performance artists

Anabella Lenzu (choreography/ devised writer - episode 1)

Daniel Diaz (choreography/ writer - episode 2)

Bree Breeden (choreography/ devised writer episode 3)

Cameo appearance by downtown icon and Stonewall witness

Agosto Machado (narrator & writer)

Cinematography by Jon Burklund

Direction & writer Gian Marco Riccardo Lo Forte

Production design & writer Philip Treviño

Choreography consultant Beth Graczyk

Sound design Ryan William Downey

Episode 1 includes cinematography by Todd Carroll

LUCKY STAR is a hybrid performance and video-art installation inspired by icons of the
performance art scene in the 1970s coming out of Club 57 and The Pyramid Club. Borrowing
vaudeville fabulousness to celebrate queer bodies, the objectification, creative endurance, and
pursuit of artistic stardom, LUCKY STAR is queer, trippy irreverent, with performers cast as
alternate-universe superstar versions of themselves. A meta creative and experiential
performance, the stars on stage tell heartfelt stories and recount their struggles to becoming
stars. They are self-reflective, and are looking in a mirror at their image, while in the corner of
the room, they see the poster of their favorite teenage icon, looking back at them.

Ultimately,LUCKY STAR invites viewers to witness stories of queer resilience, beauty, and the pursuit of artistic stardom.

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