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Police in the Wilderness.jpg

Police in the Wilderness

Saints of an Unnamed Country

at Patch Works

January 22-25 @ 8pm

January 25 @ 3pm

In the near future, honoring or burying the dead is illegal. Enforcers of this law are known as the priests of the Order.


Produced by Saints of an Unnamed Country


Written and Directed by Cameron Stuart

Assistant Director/Stage Management/House Management by Alex Aguirre


Nick Walther

Allison Anderegg

Cameron Stuart

and Stephanie Beattie


Set by Jen Plaskowitz

Projections by Stephanie Beattie

Animal Mask by Ilse Lansdale

Sword and Cup by Shitty Bedford

Biodegradable glitter provided by BioGlitz/Rebecca Richards

All other design by cast

Police in the Wilderness is a poetic narrative set in a future where burying or honoring the dead is illegal. Enforcers of these laws are agents of The Order, a cult that opposes symbols, language, and thinking. When an unmarked grave is discovered in the wilderness, a confrontation occurs between the local police and an old hermit. After a priest of The Order gets involved, a profane ritual unfolds with unforeseen consequences.


For the regular price of one ticket to the performance, audience members will receive a book with a copy of the play, a short essay, and a second version of the story. This new telling is in the form of an upcoming radio play: Police in the Wilderness 2, and includes all-new language throughout. Both stories form an extended meditation on the eschatological drive of human culture; linguistic and biological encounters with overlapping ecologies of wilderness; and the role of poetry in the convergence of these two paradigms.


This book will be provided by A Freedom Press 

Photo Credit: Walter Wlodarczyk 

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