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Puppymoon - Kennie Zhou.jpg

Kennie Zhou

Puppymoon is a mockumentary that takes on the perspective of a digital voyeur, casual scroller of social media and puppets of the algorithm, using the “found footage” technique, collaging an unsupervised discourse that parallels what constantly takes place on the internet, resembling the User Interface of YouTube with the aesthetics twist of a 90s desktop. 

Directed and Edited by Kennie Zhou

Composition by Key Taw

Through first-person accounts from Fang, translations of Karl's statements, expert commentaries, found footage, and historical archives of human-dog relationships, "Puppymoon" parodies commercial docu-series. In a world where underrepresented groups are often sensationalized in media, can the subjects ever truly be seen as human? Despite the questionable perspective a documentary may adopt, do viewers still have the agency to empathize with the subjects?

cw: mentioning of sexuality and gender-specific violence

Find them:  @kennie.zhou

Kennie is a performance and visual artist whose work explores East Asian folktales and myths, gender and sexuality, and artificial intelligence. Their work has shown in film festivals, theaters, clubs, and museums, including NewFest, The Judson, E-flux, BFI, La Mama, Grace Space, Trans Pecos, Icebox Project Space, Playwrights Horizons, X Museum, Oil Club, All Club, featured by the New York Times, CNBC, Hypebae, The China Project, etc.

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