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resistance fantasies: strategies for moving toward— and against—

stormy budwig​

at Target Margin Theater's The Doxsee

January 24 - 26 @ 6pm

resistance fantasies: strategies for moving toward— and against— is the umbrella title of (i) a come-and-go-as-you-wish dance performance and (ii) a series of somatic experiments/workshops.


The come-and-go-as-you-wish dance performance on January 24th, 25th, and 26th features choreography and performance by budwig, Aye Eckerson, Ann-Marie Gover, Leanna Grennan, and Tara Sheena. We begin dancing at 6pm and don't stop until 9pm. We will encounter and frame notions of resistance together and through independently designed scores and frameworks. We look forward to sharing this with you!

+ We want to share this with all ages: there will be a special kid friendly hour 6-7pm on Saturday 1/26 so bring your little ones.

+ Tickets are $20, with an artist rate of $15. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.



The series of somatic experiments/workshops will be lead by Ann-Marie Gover, ELÆ [Lynne DeSilva-Johnson] & Cory Tamler, and the Commitment Experiment performance collective. A complete schedule breakdown of these experiments:

Playing as Strategy for Resistance facilitated by Ann-Marie Gover.

Wednesday January 23rd 3pm - 5pm Suggested $10

In this workshop Ann-Marie Gover will facilitate a creative space for guided material generation. Gover asks that participants bring a piece of material you are working on to play with in the space. Gover will provide books, index cards, fabrics, tarot… Before sharing work and giving constructive feedback, we will meditate, move, write, draw, and play. All participants from all disciplines, from dancers to data analysts, are welcome.

Collaborative Precarity Bodyhacking workshop facilitated by ELÆ & Cory Tamler

Session 1: Thursday January 24th + Friday January 25th 10am - 2pm Suggested $20

  Note: Please commit to both dates of Session 1, as Friday's workshop will build on


Session 2: Saturday January 26th 12:30pm - 5pm Suggested $10

Collaborative Precarity Bodyhacking is a series of cross-disciplinary workshops addressing precarity’s trauma-resonant effects on mind and body programming. These intensive gatherings will employ individual and group work that includes writing, performance, movement, breath work, mindfulness, and dialogue. We will make space for reading, ritual, and emergent documentation. No previous experience in any of these disciplines is necessary, and exercises will be adaptable to the needs and abilities of different bodies.

Empathetic Landscapes + Cosmic Bodies facilitated by Stephanie Acosta

Thursday, January 24, 2019 3pm - 5pm Suggested $5 - $20

Based on the continued research + performance development for the multi-platform project God Day God Damn. We work and talk, thru modes of translation, starting with a warm-up that includes sensory/meditation walks, writing, and vocal engagement participants are invited to move through specific approaches utilized in my teams score building, and movement research which also incorporates discursive research elements such as poetics, critical thinking, and performance studies. Thinking about how to engage interior curiosity, articulate the abstract and in the process engage in philosophical considerations of body, life, and planeness. 

Folks are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early to warm up and get settled. Please come in clothes you can move in! This workshop can accommodate up to 30 participants.

Performance Practices workshop facilitated by Commitment Experiment

Saturday January 26th 10am - 12pm Suggested $10
Commitment Experiment is a performance collective that has met weekly since the beginning of October 2018. With the promise of showing up, our six person collective continues to share and interrogate our practices as performance makers once a week, every week, no excuses. We open up our collective space here to facilitate a partnered talking and body work exercise, a group practice centered on mining our histories as they relate to nature and the natural, and a collective sewing practice where we interrogate historical usage of the black flag as we bring back the radical roots of the word gossip.

***Email for more information or to volunteer.***

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