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January 6 - 7 @ 7:30pm

sak*lob | \sak-‘lôb\
n. a concave cover for a vessel.

adj. something or someone who is concealed, blocked off.

improvised cinema

collage from a library of disparate databanks
musicdreams from inside a womb

a staging of my thoughts and words in song and noise and light.
an extended encounter with different articles of consciousness

enveloped in the widest embrace

i can imagine
speaking under cover

an_outskirt is joy and chaitanya tamayo

Joy Tamayo was born and raised in Albay, near an active volcano. She started
singing in her barangay as part of the folk religious tradition. Voice has always
been at the core of the communities she participates in from the Philippine
Madrigal Singers to the NY Philharmonic Chorus to the schools where she
graduated from, the University of the Philippines and the Crane School of
Music. Singing is the mother of these neighborhoods. As a composer, her
works have been featured at the Exponential Festival, Opera America, and
Earth Day Art Model. Joy Tamayo’s latest projects include Tagalog songbooks
for children; composing a Mass for Motherhood which examines the different
rituals of female-provided care; and a collaboration with Miro Magloire’s
Sanctum for the New Chamber Ballet.

Brooklyn-based composer Chaitanya Tamayo was born in the Cordillera
Mountain Range in the Philippines’ northernmost island. After receiving
his diploma in classical guitar from the University of the Philippines he
pursued a career as an audio engineer. As a recordist he has been involved in
documenting the waning tradition of tud-om (enchantment song) of the
Agusan Manobo in Mindanao to producing albums for orchestras in
studios and thrash metal for bands in their neighborhoods. As a composer/
digital audio artist he is interested in repetition, trance and the malleability of
recorded media. His music has been featured in the Water and Light Project
in Kyoto; at The Cell with Sybarite5; Yarn/Wire ’22 at DiMenna. Recording,
sound design and music for The Roll Call a film written and directed by Jonathan McRory, premiered at Metrograph; recording and sound design for\

HandsUp: 6 Playwrights/ 6 Testaments.

TW: this piece contains flashing lights

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