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Sleeping Car Porters


at Target Margin Theater's The Doxsee

January 17 - 19 @ 8pm*

January 20 @ 3pm*

It’s just that sometimes the moon makes me lonely is all. Maybe sometimes I guess it’d be better with no moon at all. Just the dark.

Produced by Title:Point

Written by Ryan William Downey


Theresa Buchheister

Ryan William Downey

DJ Mendel

Stage Managed by Devon Wade Granmo

Lighting Design by Brian Lady

Projection Design by Scott M Ries

Scenic Design by Abigail Entsminger

Title:Point's Sleeping Car Porters is a pitch black comedy that explores western masculine myth through a phantasmagoria of power, violence, and mystery. Two characters, “Billy the Kid” and “Zodiac,” must navigate an unforgiving landscape that forces them to reveal their layered identities to one another while coming to terms with their destructive nature. 

*Sleeping Car Porters will be presented on a split bill with short works by Gracie Gardner + Charles Quittner and Woof Nova.

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