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Still Goes (The Game)
Nola Latty

on The Exponential Festival YouTube Page

additional live performances at The Brick

March 25-26

*Split bill with Traffic

Spot and Lysol are two little dogs who dream of becoming human so that they can hold each other.

Still Goes is a digital play created by Nola Latty and Thomas Wagner. 

Animation - Violet Shin and Nola Latty

Music - Park Adams and Thomas Wagner 

3D Character Design by Kaiuna Odogba 

Preliminary Character Design - Hana Dizdarveric and Kennie Zhou 

Stage Lighting and Videography - Persephone Squires 

Poster - Janie Peacock

Special Thanks - Elinor T Vanderburg, Marianna Hoitt-Lange, Ava Novak, and Emi Buchannan. 

This livestream event was filmed at The Brick.

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