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January 16-Feb 2

Assemble is a guerrilla, choose-your-own-adventure performance that transforms the mundane spaces of a well-known big box store in Brooklyn into a series of worlds, fantasies and meditations. 


Participants download an app to their phones and are invited to join Jane as she considers life at 40. 

Participants are prompted to navigate and interact with the store through a series of choices and tasks. The resulting experience is part immersive theatre, part audio tour and an entirely unique experience for each person. 


Meeting point and instructions will be sent to guests after ticket purchase. 

Ensemble Christopher Ross-Ewart (composer/sound design) Jess Kauffman (theatre-maker/writer) David Blackman (app developer/theatre-maker/writer) Johanna Kasimow (contributing theatre-maker) and Talya Chalef (director/ writer/theatre-maker). 

For more information visit: email: 

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