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ten dreams of metamorphoses or me talk dirty someday - Yuki Kawahisa 1.jpeg

ten dreams of metamorphoses or me talk dirty someday
Yuki Kawahisa

at The Brick

January 31-February 2 @ 8pm

February 3 @ 3pm + 8pm

You are invited to Yuki’s world! Follow her on a wild solo ride across dreams, memories and *stories*. As you find that precious connection, deep intimacy we all seek from theatre, you might suddenly wonder “Can I actually trust this silly narrator?”, well, can you?

Written, directed, designed and performed by Yuki Kawahisa

with Caleb Hammond (Co-director) and Tina Rosner (Dramaturg)

Board Operator and Technical Support: Rishita Chowdary

Inspired by Soseki Natsume’s Ten Nights of Dreams, Yuki weaves her story with invisible threads of dreams and non-dreams, memories and non-memories, to invite the audience into her unreliable but truth-seeking memoir. This vulnerable, sensual and silly solo is part storytelling, part dance, part poetry - Yuki’s offering, an attempt at hope and connection. Together can we find that space again that we always longed for in theater: intimacy, honesty, and reaction?

cw: complete darkness

Find them:  @yuki_kawahisa

Yuki Kawahisa, a native of Japan, is an actor, theatre creator, performing artist, working/collaborating/devising across disciplines with various artists, companies and her own. Hailed by The New York Times as “simple and brutal as a knife to the throat.” (Americana Kamikaze by Temporary Distortion), “dynamite” (FEAST by Andrew Ondrejcak), Kawahisa has appeared in some of the most exciting experimental theatre pieces in New York, been seen at downtown and off-Broadway venues, internationally as well, in Canada, Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Australia, Indonesia and Japan. She has also worked with renowned theatre directors Robert Wilson and Richard Foreman. Kawahisa debuted and toured with her first written solo, The Kimono Loosened, which received very positive reviews throughout Canada and in New York. This is her second solo and first story-telling piece. Kawahisa loves both traditional and non-traditional theatre and is a great admirer of Noh (trained in Kita style) as well as post-dramatic and experimental theatre. Throughout the pandemic, Kawahisa continued her creative practice with her project “HenSin-MetaMorPhosis" and made videos everyday for 560 days. Her secret goal is to be a great clown someday.


Caleb Hammond, an actor and director in theater, television, and film, as well as a studio and installation artist. His work has been shown worldwide, including PS122 and The Kitchen in NYC, National Theater of Hungary, Maison des Arts, Paris, Nishida Museum of Art, Japan, and The Chrysler Museum, Virginia.


Tina Rosner is a Tokyo-based Hungarian researcher of contemporary performing arts. She also works as a director, actor, dramaturg. She gave workshops in the United States, Japan, and Europe, and took part in numerous performing arts programs. Rosner met Kawahisa while working with Robert Wilson at the Watermill Center.

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