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Witness Relocation

January 12 at 8pm
January 13 at 2pm and 10pm
January 14 at 7pm

$10 Students, $15 General Admission

Performances at JACK


(Facebook Event here)

Directed and choreographed by Dan Safer

Witness Relocation’s The Loon is an all new, evening length, knock-down-drag-out, dance/theatre show based in part on “Voices of the Loon” (an educational record released by the Audubon Society in 1980); the work of sociologist Erving Goffman; “At Home” – Bill Bryson’s study of the history of domestic life; party games; and what happens when the festivities go very late into the night/next morning.

A follow up to Witness Relocation’s acclaimed Dancing Vs The Rat Experiment (2006) and Vicious Dogs on Premise (2008), The Loon further explores the relationship between humans and animals, extreme theatricality, rough and tumble dancing, pop songs, and what it means to be alive and interacting with reality right now.

Featuring collaboration with acclaimed performer Robert M. Johanson (Nature Theater of Oklahoma), The Loon presents us with Johanson as our narrator, host, and guide, who delivers an unpredictable lecture and maybe even sings a love song.

Additionally, The Loon likely reveals insights into the midlife crisis of director/choreographer Dan Safer, who is simultaneously in denial of and wildly running around in the aforementioned midlife crisis—but not in a self-indulgent manner.

The Loon features performances by Alexa Andreas, Kelly Bartnik, Sunny Hitt, Annie Hoeg, Eva Jaunzemis, Vanessa Koppel, Dan Safer, Trevor Salter, andRobert M. Johanson. The Loon is directed and choreographed by Dan Safer; with music by Javier Peral; projections by Kaz PS and lights by Jay Ryan

Times Review



"...unafraid of its own strangeness" - NY Times


"One of those plays for which describing it doesn't do justice to the experience of seeing it. It is full of unexpected moments and wry humor; the cast is excellent, Johanson gives a magnificent performance, and all of it is great fun to watch." - Culture Catch

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