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The Measures Taken
Jurrell Lewis and Lucas Kane

at Life World

April 8 - 9 at 8pm

April 10 at 2pm

***This show is sold-out! Joint the waitlist at the link above.***

"Your report shows us what is needed to change the world: anger and tenacity, knowledge and indignation swift action, utmost deliberation, cold endurance, unending perseverance, comprehension of the individual and comprehension of the whole."

~ Control Chorus, the Measures Taken


performed by Malachi Brown, Ava Kaplan, Jurrell Lewis, 

Mia Moraru, and Adi Blaustein Rejto 


directed by Jurrell Lewis & Lucas Kane


written by Bertolt Brecht 


music by Malachi Brown and Livia Reiner 

masks by Jamie Emerson 

costumes by Willa Schwabsky

flyer by Adi Blaustein Rejto 

set design by Eliza Williamson

Four political agitators report the murder of a young comrade to their Party leaders and in order to explain themselves they stage a play. In The Measures Taken, Brecht leads us to question the nature of violence, solidarity, and sacrifice, as we follow the four agitators on their mission to spread propaganda, incite world revolution, and overthrow the evils of a capitalist society.

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