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The Measures Taken
Jurrell Lewis and Lucas Kane

at Life World

January 20-22 @ 8pm

* Doors open at 7:30pm

"Your report shows us what is needed to change the world: anger and tenacity, knowledge and indignation swift action, utmost deliberation, cold endurance, unending perseverance, comprehension of the individual and comprehension of the whole."

~ Control Chorus, the Measures Taken


Bertolt Brecht, playwright

Lucas Kane, co-director 

Jurrell Lewis, co-director/performer

Adi Blaustein Rejto, performer 

Ava Kaplan, performer 

Malachi Brown, performer 

Mia Moraru, performer 

Livia Reiner, music 

Jamie Emerson, masks

Four political agitators report the murder of a young comrade to their Party leaders and in order to explain themselves they stage a play. In The Measures Taken, Brecht leads us to question the nature of violence, solidarity, and sacrifice, as we follow the four agitators on their mission to spread propaganda, incite world revolution, and overthrow the evils of a capitalist society.

COVID-19 Policy:

All attendees and artists of the in-person performance will be required to display proof of full COVID vaccination before being admitted to the space, either by showing a vaccination record (vaccination card) at least two weeks out from the final dose of an approved vaccine, or by using New York's free Excelsior Pass service.

Patrons will also be required to wear masks while indoors at all times.