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Charlotte Bydwell

January 28th at 4pm

January 29th at 6pm


Performances at Chez Bushwick


From the creator of “Woman of Leisure and Panic” comes a new tale of a relatively average twenty-something female getting herself into a completely non-average situation for the sake of earning a little extra cash. After meeting an established artist at a recognized arts institute, she is invited to pose for his private drawing group — a private MALE drawing group as she discovers upon her arrival. What should be a peaceful few hours of art-making turns into a highly inappropriate roundtable discussion between a group of gifted (but terribly misguided) men. The aftermaths of childbirth, Angelina Jolie’s bikini body and the model’s very own cellulite all get a mention as they sketch the hours away… oblivious to the discrepancy between the sensitivity of their brushwork and the crudeness of their thinking. 

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