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They Need A Horse

Thomas Frances

at Patch Works

January 29-February 1 @ 8pm

A palindrome of needs from four sexually starved individuals living in Los Angeles. 


Written by Thomas Frances

Adam and Brad meet every Saturday to trade their writings and discuss their work. It’s called accountability partners. Unfortunately for Brad, Adam doesn’t seem to understand the concept of accountability. Most of the time he doesn’t bring writings at all, he brings his problems: bad break ups, family arguments, and road raged drivers. This Saturday is no different, as he tells a dramatic tale of his relationship with a humiliatrix, a woman hired to humiliate someone over the internet. He’s obsessed, in love, disgusted, or maybe just bored. Either way, he begs for Brad’s advice. But what we find is that Adam wants much more than Brad’s help. And he’ll do anything to get it. 

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