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MOVEABLE PIECES - The Million Underscores.jpg

The Million Underscores

at We Are Here Bushwick

January 11 + 12 @ 7:30pm

January 13 @ 3pm + 7:30pm

January 14 @ 5pm

THOSE MOVEABLE PIECES: a slow dance, a workout sequence, a slapstick routine, superstitious rituals and daily processions. Two characters stumble, follow, soar over, and crash into a physical word filled with secrets, old narratives and patterns for encountering one another.

The Million Underscores _ _ presents a duet created and performed

by Timothy Scott and Nicolás Noreña

THOSE MOVEABLE PIECES is a playful and intimate study of physical forms like a slow dance, a workout sequence, a slapstick routine, a beauty regiment, a superstitious ritual. Taking physical languages that codify daily doings of the body we deconstruct their typical formats and bring them into strange and distorted versions of themselves revealing narratives these forms carry within them and characters crashing against a codified world. Set in a warehouse with moveable seating the audience will establish for themselves the angle and proximity to the action of the performance.

cw: nudity, perhaps

Find them: insta: @themillionunderscores__

This piece was first developed at The Brick Theater as part of Gestating Baby.

THE MILLION UNDERSCORES is an experimental theater company based in Brooklyn under the artistic direction of Nicolas Noreña. Founded in Summer 2013 the company has developed alongside experiments in aesthetic drive, abstract composition, and collaborative writing. We make highly visual and physical eccentric theater works that interrogate the action and the form of theater. We value every element of performance as an independent voice. Through density, multi-directionality and juxtaposition we generate fields for the audience to notice, think and reify modes of perception and understanding. Over the past ten years the company has presented over 20 original productions at venues including The Museum of Modern Art, The Brick Theater, Target Margin Theater, O.D.C San Francisco as well as galleries and public spaces in NYC. This is the third time they are part of The Exponential Festival (TELE-VISION: on spiritual displacement 2017, THE THIRD MAN 2019).

Photo credit: photo: Jose Miranda

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