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Eleanor Robb and Kirsten Harvey

at Loading Dock

January 10 - 12 @ 7:30pm

"Twin astronauts prepare for their first mission to space."

Created and Written by Kirsten Harvey & Eleanor Robb

Directed by Kedian Keohan

Dramaturgy by Sam Miller

Performed by Kirsten Harvey & Eleanor Robb

Twin astronauts prepare to travel to Venus, for what would be the first government mission to the planet’s surface. While in pre-flight quarantine, they have a strict routine: wake up, training, tests, pills, sleep. Within the monotony and faced with the unpredictability of space exploration, they begin to see glimpses of the deceptive nature of the project. Time, reality, quantum mechanics, and black holes shift to the forefront as they begin to discover their true purpose as they launch into the unknown.

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