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Becky's Lament

CJ Holm

at The Brick

January 21-23 @ 7:30pm

*Split bill with Anabella Lenzu

Becky’s life in her sweet little hometown is delightful—or is it? Follow her down memory lane, over, under, around and through the unspeakable “Incident” she won’t let herself remember. CJ Holm creates and explodes Becky’s world through text, movement, music, and authentic Midwestern cuisine.

written, choreographed, and performed by CJ Holm

Inspired by a trip to the rural Midwest, writer/choreographer CJ Holm began to imagine an alternate self whose parents hadn’t gotten out of their small town. The character of Becky began to form—sincere and earnest; convinced of her own virtue; pleased as punch with her place in the cosmos. But an unspeakable “Incident” in her town’s past throws a spike in the middle of Becky’s straight and clear path. Who gets to be innocent? What sharp reality is Becky protecting with her squishy pleasantries? And what does it all have to do with Grandma’s recipe for zucchini bread?

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