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Spilled Horizon Water Deeply

Rebecca Sylvia Posner

at The Glove


Jan 23 @ 8pm

Tickets available at the door

A sci-fi love-story for late capitalism, Spilled Horizon Water Deeply presents a pseudo-myth of an ancient alien species heartsick for humanity and a vision of the two species in the pits of an energy crisis—one that is both physical and spiritual.  The one-woman techno-cabaret sets a live score to original film and animation, exploring the edges of personal and collective resource exhaustion. It wonders, what is the point of no return? And what lies just beyond that?


Created and performed by Rebecca Posner

Costumes and animation by Rebecca Posner

Film and video by Jennifer Thomas

Musical production and consultation by Daniel Veksler


Rebecca Sylvia Posner is an art-maker and writer based in NYC. In transmuting roles of artist, performer, and producer, she creates experiences that tell stories and invite transgression through sensory engagement. Much of her work is created for specific locations or communities, in a range of spaces that include the Brooklyn Museum, an antique diner, and an after-hours ATM vestibule. She recently completed a residency at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Yerevan, Armenia where she collaborated with other visiting and local artists in explorations of identity and myth. She continues to explore the intersection of collective culture with the intimacy of the self.

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