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Gut Dance

Nurya Chana

at Para\\el

January 3 @ 7pm

as part of Exponential Variety #1

Nurya Chana’s body becomes the antithesis of a scientific study body. It is a body that changes through time; an environmentally reactive body, an emotionally mechanized body, a whole body. The dissected cadaver woke up and returned at night, connected the pieces of what happened, collected their stories again. The identity slips into the existence of organs and the body speaks as if it is only the emotionally mechanized tissues, the felt landscapes of the inner worlds. The dance becomes an effort to shift perception and relation from exteriors to interiors.

Costume, set, sound, choreography by Nunu Canal (Nurya Chana)

Nurya Chana, a visual and performative artist with interests in bio-cellular sensation, science philosophy, and ecological non-reasoning, creates specified environments to affect the body’s biosensory apparatus, turning the insides’ invisible visible. Her background includes Kathak and modern dance, permaculture, building construction, Butoh master workshops, biology undergraduate degree and master of fine arts candidacy. Previous venues include Basilica Hudson, Time/Space Limited, LabSpace, Rosekill, The Shirt Factory, Secret Project Robot, Theatre of the New City, and Socrates Sculpture Park. 

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