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Exponential Variety #1

at Para\\el

January 3 @ 7pm

Featuring, in no particular order:

Gut Dance

costume, set, sound, choreography by Nunu Canal (Nurya Chana)

"Nurya Chana’s body becomes the antithesis of a scientific study body. The body speaks; shifting in time, environmentally reactive, emotionally mechanized, and whole. The dance becomes an effort to shift relation from exteriors to interiors."


by Annie Wang

with Tuce Yasak, Mohamed Yousry Shika, Yuan Liu, Kay Hung, Francesco Chiot, Zeyad Gohary, Enrique Seba

"Marigram is a Performance/Installation that was inspired by the mass protests of Tiananmen Square, Tahrir Square, and Taksim Square."

A Discussion of Masculine Decadence in 4 Parts

by Taylor Clayton-Brooks

Artist Statement available by following this link:  

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